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Motion Shirt II

Night Camo

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Product Tech Specs


Fabricated with a protective, specially designed fabric to create a layer that takes on windy conditions and keeps the wearer warm and comfortable.


Specialized technology, such as vents and specific fabrics, promote breathability and airflow, making for comfortable, all-day wear.


Allows for ventilation and promotes dryness, employing a breathable fabric designed specifically to transmit sweat and moisture from the inside to the outside.


Define your casual fall weekend with the Motion Shirt II, now updated with a better fit, a contrast lining, and new trims. High-tech Primaloft® thermal microfiber keeps the feel light and soft, but you will love the shirt most for its incredible comfort, surprisingly effective insulation, and packability. Its smart details—ultrathin hidden snaps and sturdy ripstop construction—will continue to delight you the more you wear it. An excellent standalone for cold nights that pairs beautifully with any of our parkas or coats.

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